Open Referral’s 2020 Year in Review

Amid the disruptions and crises of 2020, the Open Referral Initiative rallied to meet increasing and rapidly changing needs for improved flow of information about community resources.

As our new year starts to take shape – with collective needs for collaboration still rising unabated – we’ve taken some time to reflect on our progress and accomplishments.

Check out our 2020 Year in Review here.

Among the highlights: we’ve upgraded our resource data standards; supported a range of pilot projects that are developing new methods of collecting, exchanging, and publishing resource data to help communities find help; and initiated new research into the institutional sustainability of resource data as a public good.

Moving forward, in 2021 we’re aiming to: upgrade our API protocols and data transformation tools, extend our capacities for resource data interoperability into new domains like healthcare, and support local pilot projects in their efforts to transform the way their communities manage information about the health, human, and social services that are available to people in need.

Read about this and more in our 2020 Year in Review report here.

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We’d welcome any questions or suggestions you might have. Please reach out to discuss!


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