Organizational Overview

The Open Referral Initiative is an international, unincorporated community of practice. In our network, stakeholders collaborate in the development of specifications and tools that enable the production of standardized human service directory information.

Open Referral’s documentation, tools, and artifacts are freely accessible and adaptable by anyone (in accordance with our non-proprietary licenses and our stated principles and values). We support (directly or indirectly) any effort that might leverage the Human Service Data Specifications and associated tools to make it easier to share, find, and use information about the resources available to people in need. Check out our blog to see examples of such projects.

Open Referral is fiscally sponsored by Aspiration, a 501c3 organization. Aspiration receives and administers any charitable or philanthropic funding contributed to Open Referral, and holds the open source licenses for our intellectual property.

Open Referral’s leadership also operates an LLC, Open Referral Consulting Services. We provide consulting support for strategically related projects. Reach out to learn more about our consulting services.

As an open network, we are committed to participatory research and action, and strive for working consensus. Learn about our structure for governance and participation here.