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Open Referral develops data standards and open source tools that make it easier to share, find and use information about health, human, and social services.


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Upgrading the Human Service Data API protocols to 2.0

Upgrading the Human Service Data API protocols to 2.0

[Ed: This post is from Kin Lane, author of initial Human Service Data API protocols, and now Chief Evangelist at ...
Open Referral's 2020 Year in Review

Open Referral’s 2020 Year in Review

Amid the disruptions and crises of 2020, the Open Referral Initiative rallied to meet increasing and rapidly changing needs for ...

Introducing NCCARE360: a coordinated statewide resource referral platform

[This post is from Laura Marx, President and CEO of United Way of North Carolina. Welcome, Laura!] In 2019, the ...
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Innovating Around the Intervention: Activate Care’s Coordination Tools, Powered by Open Referral

[Welcome to Jonathan Abbett, VP of User Experience at Activate Care!] Imagine if our healthcare and social service systems were ...