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Open Referral develops data standards and open source tools that make it easier to share, find and use information about health, human, and social services.

Open Referral is not another software product – it’s a call to action.


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Introducing Version 3.0 of the Human Service Data Specifications

Introducing Version 3.0 of the Human Service Data Specifications

UPDATE: As of May 1st 2023, this upgrade is considered official! Thanks to our workgroup and all those in the ...
Diagram of the SDOH Information Exchange Foundational Elements: Community Readiness and Stewardship, Mission and Purpose, Values and Principles are all the baseline foundation. Then Policy, Legal, Measurement and Evaluation and Financing is built on top. Finally, Implementation services, Technical Infrastructure, and User Support and Learning Network are key elements. All tied together by Governance.

Just Released: Toolkit for information exchange initiatives from the Office of the National Coordinator of Health IT at HHS

I’m excited to share with you this toolkit for information exchange initiatives that aim to address the social determinants of ...
Our 2022 Year in Review

Our 2022 Year in Review

Our 2022 Year in Review report is now available to review! This annual practice of review and reflection is an ...
A diagram describing Whatcom's 'Sunburst' model, which centers equitable access to information to meet the needs of beneficiaries with help of trusted messengers who advocate for the needs of populations they serve

Introducing the Whatcom County Resource Information Collaborative

This post is brought to us by Kristi Slette, Secretariat of the Whatcom Resource Information Collaborative in Washington state. Welcome, ...