iCarol deploys Open Referral in new Resource API

This post is from Dana Grayson, Communications and Social Media Manager for iCarol. It is adapted from a post on iCarol’s blog

iCarol is a technology solution that supports over 76,000 service providers worldwide – designed especially for 211 and specialty information and referral services, crisis intervention centers, warmlines, support services for LGBTQ, sexual assault survivor and addiction hotlines, and other not-for-profit centers. Our solution helps these services secure funding, grow service offerings, improve service delivery, and respond to the changing needs of communities, including collaborating with other community partners and hospitals to ultimately impact more lives.

iCarol has long promoted the idea that data sharing can help our clients build coalitions and partnerships, make a greater positive impact in their communities, and create new revenue streams for the organizations.

One way we’ve adapted iCarol to make this easier is to support the Open Referral data standard in iCarol. (See this previous announcement about why we first took steps to adopt Open Referral in iCarol.)

Today we’re excited to announce two new and exciting iCarol Resource API enhancements, which now extends support for the Open Referral’s HSDS 1.1 schema and a full list of resources. Both of these new enhancements are designed to help our clients make it easier to share data and explore new partnership opportunities.

For over a year, iCarol subscribers have had access to downloading resource files from iCarol in the HSDS 1.0 schema, but we are pleased to now announce support for an updated HSDS 1.1 schema in the iCarol Resource API! iCarol is the first major I&R Software vendor to support the publication of resource data that is compliant with HSDS 1.1 and the HSDA specification.

Our clients in current sharing relationships using our iCarol Resource API have also asked for a way to access a full list of all resources available in their system, or even better, to filter that list by records ‘last updated.’ We are happy to announce a new Resource API feature allowing a simplified, unpaged list of resources to be returned allowing their data partners to better access and use your resources in external projects.

We know how important it is for our users to share data and to collaborate with their partners both within and outside of iCarol. Sharing resources can also open up new opportunities for impact and revenue in our users’ communities. If you would like to learn more information about iCarol, our new API capabilities, and our ability to help you succeed with your sharing and collaborative projects, contact us — we are here to help!


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