We Invite Your Comments!

This website is a living document. We would love your comments and feedback on how it can be improved to better explain what we’re doing with the Open Referral Initiative. Please add your comments to this post!


3 responses to “We Invite Your Comments!”

  1. Sameer Siruguri Avatar
    Sameer Siruguri

    Please enter your comments via Disqus, below. Thanks!

  2. Paul Mackay Avatar
    Paul Mackay

    The thin body text font on the home page is quite hard to read. Could that be changed?

    Is this website open source?

  3. Sameer Siruguri Avatar
    Sameer Siruguri

    https://github.com/openreferral/wp-ward-and-child – @paulmackay:disqus , please submit a PR, we’ll merge!

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