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  • Governing the Resource Directory Data Commons: A Vision and A Call to Action

    Open Referral’s mission is to establish resource directory data as a public good – reliably and sustainably made freely available to all. Toward this end, we developed the Human Service Data Specifications – but we also know that solving this problem requires more than just technical interoperability among resource directory information systems. Indeed, success entails…

  • Our Video: Open Referral in Three Minutes

    Open Referral is grappling with a complex, systemic issue – so we made an animated video to explain the problem and our approach to solutions in just a few minutes. Check it out here: The Open Referral Explainer from Open Referral on Vimeo. Continue reading →

  • A look inside the DC Open211 project

    A look inside the DC Open211 project

    Over at Code for DC’s blog, the DC Open211 team reports back from the kickoff of the ‘Rebuilding Re-entry’ social lab. At this event, a number of groups explored the various challenges facing people who return from prison — and one of the most prominent themes was the difficulty of finding reliable information about services that…

  • Developing a Visual Vocabulary for Open Referral

    Developing a Visual Vocabulary for Open Referral

    This may seem obvious, but it bears repeating: the community resource directory data problem is complex, and complex things can be hard to understand. During my work as lead organizer of the DC Open211 project, I’ve seen that there are so many people out there who want to find better ways to produce and share…