Open Referral for legal services in Illinois: the new

This is a guest post from Teri Ross, Program Director for Illinois Legal Aid Online.


Illinois Legal Aid Online develops technology and information to increase access to justice for people in Illinois who may otherwise be foreclosed from it, especially for those who cannot find or afford a lawyer.

Illinois Legal Aid Online, or ILAO, just completed a major overhaul of our online platform — consolidating four separate websites — including,, and — into one mobile-friendly site:

I’m pleased to share our launch on the Open Referral blog, as the data model produced by this community has enabled us to increase the complexity of our information while simplifying the experience for our users. Continue reading

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Open Referral in Action: the Purple Binder Platform

This is a guest post from Joseph Flesh, the co-founder of Purple Binder.

We’re proud to announce one of the first instances of open, standardized community resource data in action. Purple Binder and mRelief — another emerging civic technology startup based in Chicago — are using the Open Referral standard to integrate their applications.

Purple Binder matches people with the services they need to stay healthy… mRelief has similar goals of connecting people with resources that can help them meet their needs — but their product takes a very different approach. Continue reading

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