Building Alameda County’s First Public Health & Human Services Data Portal

Cross-posted from the blog of the Urban Strategies Council. The stakeholders mentioned here all participated in the Open Referral workshop last July.

Urban Strategies Council, First Five Alameda County and Eden I&R (the provider of 2-1-1 services in Alameda County) recently agreed to jointly build the first ever Health and Human Service Directory Data Portal in California.

The Data Portal will increase accessibility to Health and Human Services Information resources that can be utilized by the public as well as technologists who can use the information to generate new apps and tools for the residents of Alameda County. For example, an app can be designed to provide information to crime victims or single mothers to help them find the specific services they likely need. The same benefit applies for county agencies or researchers trying to plan for gaps in current services — better data and better policies. Continue reading

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