FAQ Category: About Open Referral

  • What is a pilot project?

    Open Referral is led by local pilot projects in which stakeholders take action towards establishing accessible, interoperable and reliable community resource directory data.  Pilots commit to using Open Referral’s specifications and tools to exchange resource directory data among institutions — … Continue reading →

  • How are decisions made?

    Learn more here in our project documentation. Our governance model is structured around three activities: 1) a semi-regular Assembly (ie video call) open to all participants [see an archive of these videos here], where announcements are shared and feedback is … Continue reading →

  • What is the difference between Open211 and Open Referral?

    Open Referral is both the name of this community of practice, and also the shorthand name of our format for community resource data (which is technically known as the Human Services Data Specification).  Open211 is a name that has been … Continue reading →

  • What is Open Referral?

    The Open Referral Initiative is a network of people and organizations working to promote the accessibility of information about health, human, and social services — i.e. community resource directory data. The Open Referral community is primarily assembled in our Forum. … Continue reading →