Our Vision

The vision of Open Referral is a world where everyone has access to — and the ability to effectively use — information about the resources that are available in their community.

Our Mission

The mission of Open Referral is three-fold:

  1. Develop open standards for community resource directory data that will enable interoperability and accessibility across various technologies and social and institutional contexts.
  2. Develop open platforms (and associated technologies) to produce and circulate resource data reliably and sustainably, starting with a set of pilot localities.
  3. Foster a community of practice consisting of various kinds of people and institutions who are working to build a world of accessible, interoperable, reliable and sustainable community resource directory data.

Learn more:

Join our community group here. 

The primary working documents for the Open Referral Initiative can be viewed and commented upon in this Google Drive folder.

The conceptual framework of the Open Referral Initiative lives in this public document. It is a living document! Please ask questions, suggest changes, and make other comments.