How is Open Referral organized?

The Open Referral Initiative is an open community of practice, which means that our documentation and artifacts are freely accessible and adaptable by any participant (assuming they abide by our principles and values). Our network is open to anyone. Anyone can start a ‘pilot project’; in some cases, we develop semi-formal or formal partnerships in these pilot projects. Local pilots are usually where new tools, ideas, and practices are developed, tested, and evaluated before being ‘scaled’ through the Initiative itself. 

You can see our initial governance model here. You can see our template for the process and structure of our Pilot Projects here.

Our Community Forum (a Google Group) is the official channel for updates and occasional discussion. We also host occasional Assemblies (see archived videochats here) and convene in semi-formal workshops. Our Slack is where we chat. Our document archive is publicly accessible on Google Drive.

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