How is the Open Referral process being developed and reviewed? What is the role of the ‘Chief Organizing Officer’?

The Open Referral Initiative is an open source undertaking, which means that documentation and artifacts are freely accessible and adaptable by participants.

We approach this challenge in an agile way. Rather than try to figure everything out up front, we are instead working with stakeholders to identify specific steps that are worth taking in and of themselves that incrementally move us in the direction we want to go. We’ll do some things, learn from them, and do more things.

Through this process, we synthesize input and coordinate participation from a wide variety of participants; we give prerogative to the priorities expressed by our primary stakeholders (those who represent different types of end users: help seekers, service providers, researchers, and data administrators).

You can see our proposal for our governance model here. You can see our proposal for the process and structure of our Pilot Projects here.

Our Community Forum is the primary site of updates and occasional discussion. We also host regular Assemblies (see archived videochats here) and convene in semi-formal workshops.

The Chief Organizing Officer has the prerogative to set the Initiative’s tone and agenda, make proposals, promote voices, broker agreements and encourage creative solutions. It is essentially a facilitative position.

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