What makes you think you know the right solution?

Well, we don’t yet know the right solution! We’re just not going to wait around any longer for it to be figured out. This is a wicked problem that requires a lot of different people working together to learn about possible solutions. So we’re taking action.

There is one thing we do believe: the best solutions to social problems tend to emerge from the insight and creativity of those who directly experience those problems. So our prerogative is to promote the perspectives and involvement of the true stakeholders — people who have experience seeking help from services, service providers themselves, data administrators at community-based organizations, community health researchers, etc. They’re the ones who will be best able to recognize what viable solutions really look like.

As we say elsewhere in this document: “For the purposes of Open Referral, the concept of ‘open data’ is itself open to some degree of interpretation. Essentially, we are asking: how should this data be open?”


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