How is the Open Referral Initiative funded?

There are a number of different projects weaved together through the Open Referral Initiative — each with shared goals, but different funding sources.

Sometimes the Open Referral Initiative itself receives a grant or an award for our core operations. The Open Referral Initiative is fiscally sponsored by Aspiration, a 501c3 organization that supports open source nonprofit technology projects. 

Sometimes the leadership of the initiative takes on consulting contracts through Open Referral Consulting Services, an LLC owned by Project Lead Greg Bloom. These contracts involve implementation of Open Referral’s protocols, development of related tools, and strategic facilitation of partnership development and business modeling. 

Finally, in each of our pilot localities, we are supporting our lead stakeholders (i.e., health clinics, local I&Rs, etc) in their own fundraising efforts to build their internal capacity to participate in the project.

Do you have questions about our budgeting, or ideas about how to build more capacity for our work? Reach out to [email protected]

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