Who is funding the Open Referral Initiative?

There there are a number of different projects weaved together through the Open Referral Initiative — each with shared goals, but different funding sources.

The primary source of funding for the initial pilot phase was from the Knight Foundation.

In 2013, Code for America’s San Mateo fellowship formed the Ohana Project, which is an open resource directory platform that the San Mateo fellows produced for San Mateo’s Human Services Agency. (This 2013 fellowship was co-sponsored by the Philanthropic Ventures Foundation. The Ohana project was subsequently contracted for an additional year of development by San Mateo HSA.) Later that year, Ohana won the Knight Foundation’s Health Data Challenge. This Health Data Challenge funding supported the Ohana team’s work for one year, as they a) redeveloped their code into an open source directory platform which can be freely re-deployed by other communities, and b) participate in the Open Referral initiative, which will generate essential feedback to guide their redevelopment.

The Open Referral Initiative itself has been directly co-sponsored by the Ohana Project and Code for America. That co-sponsorship essentially funds the work of the ‘Chief Organizing Officer’ of Open Referral for this year.

The initiative has also raised funding for our local teams, primarily from local funders (in California, this includes Serving California, the Kapor Center, and the California Health Care Foundation; in DC, so far our funding has come from private donors).

Finally, in each of our pilot localities, we are supporting our lead stakeholders (i.e., health clinics, local I&Rs, etc) in their own fundraising efforts to build their internal capacity to participate in the project.

Email info@openreferral.org for more details.


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