If I maintain a community resource directory — or if I partner with an organization that does — how would I get started?

You can start by testing the viability of our format for your context. That may entail mapping your database’s schema to the Human Services Data Specification.

Once you’ve mapped your schema to ours, analyze the gaps. (You can ask questions or submit suggestions for improvements to our schema in our Issues Queue. Read more in our Contributors Guide.)

Then you can write a script to transform your data into this open format. We can likely help you with this process. 

Finally, you can publish your now-standardized resource data and work with others in your community to help them use it in new, beneficial ways. If helpful for this purpose, you can deploy an open source resource database (like ORServices), load your transformed data in, and start building new tools that can help people in your community use this data in new ways.

If you have questions about how this work in your community, please reach out to [email protected]

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