How is Open Referral’s work sustained?

As an open network, much of Open Referral’s activity is driven by voluntary contributions from participants (individuals and organizations) who share our vision, use our specs and tools, and contribute back to the community. 

We also recognize that, often, people need to get paid in order to reliably get things done.

Occasionally, Open Referral receives grants and other charitable contributions – or we partner with organizations who do – to fund our core operations. These grants are received and managed by Aspiration, our 501c3 fiscal sponsor. 

Our leadership sometimes offers consulting support to our partners through an an LLC – under Open Referral Consulting Services. These services vary depending on the needs of our partners, from advisory support to workshop facilitation to project design and implementation; one way or another, our partnerships involve facilitation of standardized resource data exchanges and the development of public information infrastructure. 

We also help local stakeholders develop their own fundraising efforts to build capacity for development and implementation of local strategies.

Do you have questions about our budgeting, or ideas about how to build more capacity for our work? Reach out to [email protected]

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