Who leads the Open Referral Initiative?

The founder and lead organizer of Open Referral is Greg Bloom. Bloom oversees the management of this website (hi!) and the associated communications channels, and also coordinates core Open Referral activities. You can see Greg’s story here. Greg’s leadership in this project emerged from his work on the DC Open211 project, and which was first described Towards a Community Data Commons, an essay published in Code for America’s 2013 book Beyond Transparency.

During cycles of technical development of our core protocols, Greg deputizes technical leadership (such as the Open Data Services Cooperative) —  empowering these technical specialists to develop proposals that are subjected to review by the community.

Beyond these responsibilities, Greg’s powers are facilitative – he is here to ask questions, seek clarification, make connections, and help share information among members of our network. 

Various tasks in this network are taken on at various times by members who feel motivated to lead in particular directions. Would you like to help with a particular objective? Reach out to [email protected] 

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